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South Park – Screw You Guys. This Is The Best TV Show Ever…

Once upon a time I was a child who had seen two or three episodes of Comedy Central’s South Park and thought it was a badly animated pile of crap that I’d never watch in a million years. Now I’m 23 and of the opinion that it’s fast approaching genius. This isn’t a TV show that you should judge based on your first impressions. But can a show that regularly sets out to humiliate anyone they want be really considered as the best TV show ever made? I don’t see why not.

There’ll be people in the world who look at South Park and think it’s a complete disgrace. No-one is safe from their satirical clutches, not even the disabled or people in poverty. It seems everything is permitted in Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s world. As you can imagine these attitudes have led to plenty of outrage in the media and threats of lawsuits against them. There isn’t anything else on TV that is as controversial.

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