About Me…

Three years ago I was a complete waster who was walking a road leading to a life of unemployment and possible alcoholism (joke). Now, after experincing three years at University, I’m only unemployed. Getting rid of one of the two is a step in the right direction.

Yet still life seems a bit undecided, up in the air, unfathomable, and at this present time I’m a little pessimistic as to my job prospects in the future. Lack of experience and a skill for something which is near impossible to get noticed in are the main reasons for my negative outlook on things. I’ve got the ambition to do the job I want, but nowhere near the amount of contacts and knowledge I need to get my foot in the door. Plus, living in the small, seaside town of Whitby isn’t exactly ideal.

I’m starting to feel my degree is getting less and less useful. One in Scriptwriting doesn’t exactly guarantee you a job once you’ve graduated. But it’s what I want to do and I aren’t going to falter on that. If you’re interested to read some of the writing I’ve done in my time at University, this blog is the place to look. Articles on here are on my general likes and dislikes. There’s no niche I’m aiming for. Plus, on the ‘My Writing…’ link you’ll find scripts and stories that I’ve written.

Feel free to read around and comment. I hope you enjoy reading my stuff.

Michael Spreadbury


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